Chapter an interesting platform to end client,

Chapter 4 Design

4.1 Study of Existing Solution to Problem

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·       Since
to what extent we are seeing news where Sites, organizations has been affected
with a digital assault or a risk from a programmer. It a very basic thing we
are listening each day these sorts of news from everywhere throughout the

·       For
instance, starting from Uber to Equifax it’s a standout amongst its most
consuming issues of IT world. It’s unrealistic to screen each server claimed by
the organization at a same time.

·       There’s
no such stage accessible to screen the health of sensitive information spread
over all the server. Thus, the DSHM gives an interesting platform to end
client, for example, security expert to see security as quantitative element.

·       DSHM
additionally gives the functionality of mass import-export of server comprising
critical information and pick checking monitoring system for every individual
server. What’s more, to decide strength of specific server expert answers the
quantitative inquiry with a specific end goal to decide graph for it.

4.2 Requirement of New System

·       Because
of issue and shortcoming in existing system, our proposed system gives the
answer for every one of the issues in a solitary platform. DSHM is a platform accessible
for all client to see the joined health of servers for respective organization.
It likewise gives functionality to the analyst for exclusion when server doesn’t
contain critical information to spare resources.

4.3 User Characteristics

·       User’s

·       User(basic)
register him/her self along with personal detail and with company name. After
that he/she will be able to logged in to the system. This user is only able to
see health graph for his/her respective company.


·       Company’s

·       Analyst(security
person)  act on behalf of the his/her
respective company. Analyst is able to perform import of server company wants
to be monitored and also import exclusion of server when it’s no longer

·       In
the import functionality analyst mention server address, company and the
monitoring system he wants for the server.

·       Evaluation
of the graph for server is also done by analyst. In which he/she answer the six
quantitative question for every server. The health graph for company will be
evaluated by taking average of servers belongs to company.




·       Admin’s

·       Admin
is the person of the Castle Venture company who’s able to see the graph of
every company registered in database. Admin can export the details of server
being monitored and excluded from monitoring.


Class Diagram

Class Diagram



Activity Diagram

4.7 Implementation

4.7.1 System Application

·       Method
Pseudo Code

·       Login

a. Start

b. Login Page



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